I create financial security for families and businesses.

About me

My name is Rafal Sroka

I am a financial expert and business consultant with experience in a Swiss banking and insurance on the Lloyd's of London market.

I specialize in the field of investment and risk management. I gained my knowledge by studying financial economics and investment at London Metropolitan University and also hold an Executive MBA degree. Thus, you are guaranteed that my services are of the highest level.

What does this mean in practice? My passion is helping people and companies succeed. I support families with financial security and companies with effective operations, finance and risk management.

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Rafal Sroka zdjęcie, doradca finansowy
Ubezpieczenie rodziny zdjecie gor mamy z dzieckiem

Family protection

Your life and health have a huge impact on the functioning of your family. If you are absent or unable to work, everyone will suffer. Therefore, secure your future today!

Inwestycje, rodzina w gorach

Investment and pensions

Take care of your financial future with investments and savings. Declining pensions and unfavorable demographic changes are negatively affecting the financial system, so it is important to act on your own.

Konsulting binesowy młody Pan w gorach

Business efficiency

Effective financial, operational management and risk control are critical to the success of any business. Do you want it to grow in a stable and profitable way? Don't risk your future and secure yourself today!

Professional, empathetic, great manners.
Professional approach and very knowledgeable about t insurance and investment products. Rafal found for me and my family the products that I had been looking for myself for a long time. He comprehensively took care of my and our family's future. We highly recommend and will definitely return if we seek advice.
Marcin s. | Manager at the bank
Professional service by the agent Rafal Sroka.
Szymon m. | office worker
Good cooperation, recommend. Competent, available.
Bartosz K. | doctor
I insured my apartment and my life with Mr. Rafal. I appreciate the professional approach, pleasant atmosphere during the conversation, I did not feel pressured on anything, but listened to and understood. I recommend buying with an agent rather than online - the offer is better suited to my needs. I was surprised to find that my cat is also included in the apartment insurance.
Beata m. | mother of two boys

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