Rafał Sroka, Executive MBA

I am professionally creating financial security: helping with investments and insurance choices. I have translated years of experience in the global investment and insurance markets into providing my clients with world-class financial advice with a focus on their greatest benefits.

In the world of finance, it's not just what product you have, but who selects it that matters. The best tools in untrained hands can cause more problems than profits. Make sure you entrust the future of yourself, your family and business to a professional you can trust.

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Rafał Sroka Konsultant Biznesowy Wrocław

I was born in the Giant Mountains and have known since I was a child that climbing to the top requires a lot of effort.

I gained the foundation of investment knowledge while studying economics in London. I formed my work ethic in Swiss private banking, and my ability to create insurance solutions in the Lloyd's of London market.

My values

The foundation for building the future is trust, and creating trust is fostered by sharing values.

Troska o rodzine


I am a husband and father of two children. I know what it means to build a family and its security, and to take care of a future.

Ojciec i syn ubezpiecznie dziecka


First I listen to the needs. Then I propose solutions. Caring about the other person and his interests is the basis for success.

lina, zarządzanie ryzykiem rafał sroka wroclaw


I minimize risk on the way to the top. I help you to secure what you've built and to invest your capital wisely.


Knowledge alone is not enough. History is the source of experience.

Rafal Sroka doradca finansowy
by michal jakubowski
2020 | Kancelaria Finansowa Rafał Sroka

Started the business based on my values and expertise. I support you and your business in managing risk and building financial success.

Ubezpieczenie Lloyds of London Wroclaw
By Ian Blair
2016 | AXA XL

As director of global insurance operations, I was active in the Lloyd 's of London market. I created coverage for the energy markets, for celebrities and the boards.

Bankowość inwestycyjna Londyn Wroclaw
by Ian Blair
2011 | Swiss Private Banking

During my 5 years at Credit Suisse, I understood the mechanisms that govern the world of finance and investment.

Rafal Sroka Londyn
Zdjecia Ian Blair
By Ian Blair
2007 | Study in London

From the mountains I landed straight in the UK, where I graduated with a degree in Financial Economics and Investment from London Metropolitan University.

Szklarska Poręba Jan Fedorowicz
By Jan fedorowicz
Childhood in the mountains

I grew up in the Giant Mountains, and this has sparked my interest in the world since childhood.
As a little boy I searched for precious stones and today my symbol is a diamond that holds a reflection of the mountains.

After years of traveling and living abroad, I returned to beloved Lower Silesia. Privately, I am an enthusiast of personal development books and a music lover.


Cooperation is about building relationships

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Taxi S Class Wroclaw Rafał Sroka
Praca w Malezji Rafal Sroka
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Liam Jackson, Malaysia
Szklarska Poręba Ania Gliszczyńska
Ania Gliszczyńska, Szklarska Poręba
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Szklarska Poręba Jan Fedorowicz
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